Friday, 16 October 2009

A case of (non-mistaken) identity: footnote to a previous blog

I'm just back from Waterloo where I reclaimed the suitcase I left on the train yesterday.

The guy in the lost property office was very chuffed to meet me.  "Are you Bill Buckley, the radio presenter?" he asked.  I confirmed this, with my best approximation of a modest shrug.

"Oh, I really used to love listening to you in the night on LBC," he gushed.  I thanked him.

"And wait until I tell my parents I've met you!  They were huge fans of yours when you were on BBC Southern Counties."  I muttered something about that being very nice.

"Right, I've got your case here," he continued.  "Do you have any form of identification?"

"But you know who I am!" I protested.

"Oh yes, but I can't hand anything over with some form of identification."

A credit card, carefully scrutinised, sufficed.....

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