Sunday, 4 October 2009

Footnote to a former blog

I promised you a couple of blogs ago that I'd report back following my inordinately long wait to collect pre-booked tickets at Paddington.  Just how long would 'Worst' Great Western deem it reasonable to have to stand in line?  Now that I'd nobly brought the problem to their attention, what scheme would they devise to stop it happening in the future?  How much compensation would I receive for missing my train?

Their email had landed!  Lewis Gale, a customer services advisor, apologises and appreciates "how frustrating this must have been".  What's more he has logged my comments "as a complaint against the station on our system" (against the station!  On their system!  I'm starting to feel like a bit of a rotten telltale...)

There's more: "Senior Managers (note the capital letters!) will see the details in our regular report and can take any action to improve the situation for the future."

Wow, what a result!  Power to the People!

Oh, hang on a minute, though....  None of my questions specifically addressed.  No promises of any action.  No dosh....

Isn't it great how modern technology enables "them" to patronise and fob us off so much faster and more easily?

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